BELIZO [Frequently asked questions]

Q: When is my set going to be deliver?

A: If you order a Belizo set, it will take 3-4 weeks on standard fabric, and 4-5 weeks onSunbrella ®fabric.

Q: Do i get clips with my order?

A: Yes, you get a few clips to clip your moduls together.

Q: What's your phone number?

A: 713-422-2282

Q: Does your regular fabric fade?

A: Yes, When exposed for a prolonged time to the elements. 
We recommend upgrading to Sunbrella ® for a patio that is not often covered or for a more resilient fabric. 

Q: Does it come with a Warranty?

A: Yes, The Wicker and Frame come with a warranty.  

For warranty on fabric, we recommend to upgrade to Sunbrella ®.

For more details please visit our Warranty Page:

Q: Where do i request samples?

A: write us an email at, please include your name & address.

Q: Do you have a facebook?

A: yes, we do here's the link